Monday, April 9, 2012

Letter to my friends & my Stalker: Yuta Onaga

To My Friends and My Stalker~

So I have had a stalker for over a year now, I met him once at a Tori Amos show in Amsterdam 2010, he was a friend of my best friend's at the time. He is from Japan. His name is Yuta Onaga...he goes by the name of @YutaO2 on twitter. To make a long story short......I no longer have that same best friend...and it was reasons between us that it happened! BUT...he thought it was an opportunity to try to understand what was no longer between us and he not only took her side...but has become a vigilante in her honor! 

For the past year+ he has been spreading lies and rumors about me online and had contacted people he doesn't even know to tell them whatever stories he wants. He has even started attacking projects friends of mine are working on. From Musicians to film makers he is on a rampage of deceit. He has made fake Facebook accounts and has said it was me that did it. He has told me he will "Kill me..if he sees me" I am not scared of him, I confronted him when I saw him in London Nov, 2011. But he had nothing to say. I thought when he saw I wasn't scared of him, he would stop. But he has continued in his efforts of bullying and stalking online.

Well these are my final words I will have on this whole situation.

       Leave me alone, Leave my friends alone. Just go away. Stop spreading lies about me. 
No one believes you, and you are acting crazy. None of your actions will work on bringing me down or  projects that others and myself are involved in. I don't know why you have this crazy obsession with me, but you need to just stop and think. Would you want someone doing this to you? I am saving everything you put online to give to my lawyers. Take note. And Stop obsessing about me. Simply...just go away!



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RiotPoofFairy said...

This is my stalker, he is writing things about me,sending me threats. he will not go away. I wish he would show up in my face and say some shit!

You can not continue to bully me YUTA, it is against the law. get a life...go the fuck away.

You crazy freak!