Thursday, April 19, 2012

On Days Like these...

Can't forget the things you never said On days like these starts me thinking
On days Like these...where I just want to curl in a ball and be alone. I never can.
I really wish I could, but I always have things to take care of. I can never have those days.
I guess that is a good thing.
The first thing that makes me get out of bed everyday is 3 screaming cats for breakfast.
I not only have to feed them, but I have to stand there and watch them eat. Due to the fact of fighting over food issues. This is the only way i can be sure that no one goes hungry and no fights break out.
Than the Dog must go out to pee. And as he is getting excited and barking, I am shushing and asking him to be quiet so he doesn't wake anyone else in the house. (husband sleeps best around early morning)

So by 8am Animals taken care of. I start my day.
I make coffee, extra strong. Some days it's french press. But today it is drip.
I check emails,facebook,twitter. Sometimes get stuck in an internet time-warp for about 2 hours.
Most days I have coffee read news,watch BBC news not American news!
(I do read online American news)
Most of the time husband isn't out of bed before 10am. So I don't ever know when I should make breakfast, so most mornings I don't get around to eating till after noon. Which I know isn't good for me.
I run on coffee fumes most of the day.
Today, I ran on fumes till about 2pm and then had a salad. At least it was something good for me. Salad gave me enough fuel to load the dishwasher. Once Husband was up he wasn't hungry so he just had a banana and granola bar. I should do that in the am beofre it get's to late in the day but I don't And I know why I don't. I prefer a hot breakfast. I got into eating oatmeal for a few months, than it just got old. Now the weather is warming up and it makes it even harder for me to eat in the am.
So that is my case I know, I get bored of the same old routine.
What I really wish is that there was a housewife waiting on me hand and foot. That would be nice!
(not chained to the stove like this) Humor people~ get some

It is a little after 4pm now, and I only now feel like the day is beginning.
 Hubby has left to run an errand, and I am blogging. Drinking a great cup of Chai/Vanilla tea w/honey. And listening to great old music.

So At the moment That curl up in the ball and lock myself away feeling has passed.
Keeping busy and taking care of everything in my life, makes me feel good.
Caring for others is some days all I feel I have to live for.

I wish for everyone who is feeling shitty to just continue with life,your day, and carry on...
It always gets better.

Even if it is just only for those little things that gets us through each day.

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