Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stalker strikes again!

So Yutao2 (Yuta Onaga) thought he would try to hurt me by posting more lies!
Ha~ this is really becoming humorous!
So I changed his blog post!

Melanie Heim (Santa Rosa, California)
She is amazing, beautiful, loving,friendly, caring
she doesn't bully
she speaks the truth
she doesn't give a shit about people who hate on her
she wishes you would drop dead
she has better things to do in her life than to worry about stalkers
she wishes you would say your hate to her face
She will not apologize to you,because she did nothing wrong
She wishes it was easier to get crazy japanese stalkers arrested.
I spread truth.
It is not ok for you to spread hate and bully me online, It is ILLEGAL!
Just leave me alone, why are you obsessed with me.


YutaO2 said...
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RiotPoofFairy said...
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