Friday, June 15, 2012

So sick and tired of a lot of shit today!

Tori fans are making me sick too my stomach, I have been traveling to Tori Amos shows all over the world for the past 15+years. And I used to be really involved in forums and keeping fans together ike a family. And I have become what some call "known" in the fan community! (and if I want to travel to wherever I want and I sit wherever I can. why should you act any way against me? who are you to judge me?)
I dont know what has happened but over the past few years, some fans have just lost there fucking minds. Some have even started all kinds of drama, rumors and such.
I think it has a to do with Tori being to generous with the "regulars" and giving upgrades to whom she wants too. And Tori gives so much of her time meeting fans, that she has somehow spoiled her own fan base.
Some people are just jealous and spiteful, and don't understand the relationship she may have with these people. Jealousy is one fucking ugly monster. So some fans complain that they never get to sit up front.Why even complain when you are sitting in the first 10 rows anyway, you should consider yourself lucky to even be seeing a show at all.
But to go online and to call other people out and to make fun and start rumors about the "regulars"...that again... Remember... Tori chooses to sit in front, it is all just bullshit!
Jealous, Snarky,petulant,little bitches!
I am so sick of it, and I am distancing myself from alot of the fans I have known over the years.

I really hope we can go back to just being happy to be in the same building with the woman who has inspired our passion for her music and the comminuon of being together and loving the music.


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