Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Music for Mom's Scattering Ceremony

So because of my mom, I grew up listening to fantastic music, and luckily I was subjected to a lot of different music. Some music that I still love today, others I just can't listen to because it reminds me of horrible times, takes me right back to that day. Music can do this. But MUSIC was always in my home. And I would always send my mom cd's to listen too, I bought her a portable cd walkman a few years ago and she finally started listening to music again, and it seemed to flood back to her. Songs she remembered as a child, and we talked about music alot. She knew my obsession of course from an early age. I could listen to whatever I wanted, she was ok with me going in my room and cranking the Monkees or listening to that same George Michael or Tiffany song over and over again. She would sing with me, some music she hated. Those are some good memories.

So now I am choosing songs to play for her scattering ceremony. It has been really hard to narrow it down but I have a good list that I am working from and daily I strike some off. I have a couple weeks to get it done. It is an emotional process. it has also been one of the most healing experiences I have had since my mom died.

Here are a few songs that will be played for sure:

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