Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"If Roseanne Barr ever wants to be president, she needs to stop being a Snarky Bitch"

 I just had a twitter spat with Roseanne Barr....yes that Roseanne Barr. The comedian that had the fantastically funny TV show in the 90's, that I watched with my mother religiously, (my mother was a real life Roseanne...a bit crazier though) glad my mother isn't here today...she would be disappointed in Roseanne Barr!  
Well Roseanne Barr did it she is on the ballot for President of the United States here in California! You can actually Vote for Roseanne.
And I am a fan of hers...and her politics, but after today. Re thinking that. 
Is she really in this too make a change, or is she in this to just stir the pot in our political system?
I wanted to reach out to her...to tell her that I would love to vote for her...but that I think that if we just vote for her, that would take votes away from Obama, and give Romney the lead...that can't happen.
Because seriously...Roseanne Barr will not be our next President. But kudos for her getting on the ballot.
I searched high and low online to see if she is even on all the ballots for every state, I can only confirm 5 states. 
 What would be the point of it all than, her running for President, just because she can and she got on the ballot.
Maybe get a few thousand votes, that could cause Obama to loose to Romney. 
  Obama losing the election. I just can't think about what will happen if he loses this election. I can't even bring myself to begin to think about the atrocity of that.  
Say it where possible that we all just "All voted for Roseanne Barr" and she won??? what then??
 I thought really long about this...and than I decided to tweet her. I am a huge fan of hers. I wanted to tell her how I felt conflicted.
But I wasn't expecting her reaction to be what it was, and I really think this is something we should all care about and be able to discuss...and the fact that she is a choice for the next President of the United States.
I care about my country and I care about politics...and it should mean something to you too. Does it??

Here is what went down on twitter.

Me: @TheRealRoseanne getting a kick out of seeing ur name on my absentee ballot! WISH U WOULD WIN,scared ur votes may give Mitt lead! #VOTEOBAMA

(guess this hit a nerve for her...this was her response)

Roseanne: @RiotPoofFairy obama is going to win-don't worry-then you can go back to enjoying the poverty he created for u!

Me: @TheRealRoseanne last time I checked..I am not living in Poverty! good way to get votes! always a Snarky Bitch! will always love ur politics!

(maybe I shouldn't have called her a Snarky Bitch...but she is a self professed one!)

Roseanne: @RiotPoofFairy good! then vote obama or romney-good luck!

Me:@TheRealRoseanne If U are really serious about running for president why are you not out there speaking! get more votes! I want to vote 4 u!

(She blocked me,so I can't message her anymore)

Me:@TheRealRoseanne I would love to vote for you,but you can't even have a twitter chat,without going on the defensive and blocking people. 
(She will still see my tweets though)

Me:Do not take politics as a joke just to stir the pot...PLEASE DON'T VOTE for @therealroseanne #VOTEOBAMA

That was...interesting!
EVERYONE...please take this Election seriously!!!

Including you...Roseanne Barr!
Roseanne...I still love you...you are a courageous, funny and smart woman. And I do share alot of the same political views that you do.
But I will not be voting for you and I will be campaigning for Obama against you! You used to be and idol of mine. A strong woman that I thought I looked up too.
Sadly...I think I was wrong. 

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